Numotion brand styleguide


The Numotion logo is comprised of three parts; the “nu” icon in navy blue, “motion” in orange and the tagline below it in navy blue. The proportion and arrangement of the logo and tagline are specifically determined and should never be altered. Both the icon and tagline must be in the same color in whichever format used.


Orange is the primary color for the Numotion logo. Navy blue is the accent color found in the “nu” icon at the beginning as well as the tagline below the logo. This basic color palette emphasizes the power this company has in the industry with the bold orange, while keeping a calm, comforting feel with the accent color of navy blue. The word “motion” can be in either orange or white. The “nu” icon in the beginning and tagline below can be in navy blue, light blue and white. Both the icon and tagline need to be in the same color.



Using the Numotion logo

The navy blue and orange color combination is the most commonly used style with the Numotion logo. Use this wherever, whenever you can. There should always be a white background at least one X-height around all sides no matter the color of the background.



Background Colors

The white background behind the logo can change to the following colors. The word “motion” is most commonly white using “nu” and the tagline as the accent colors.

Background: #29abe2
motion: #ffffff
Accent color: #102947

Background: #000000
motion: #ffffff
Accent color: #29abe2

Background: #f27533
motion: #ffffff
Accent color: #102947



Grey Scale

For grey scale applications, please use the following formats:
1) (motion: White) (nu: 40% black) (tagline: 40% black) (background: black)
2) (motion: 40% black) (nu: black) (tagline: black) (background: white)

One Color:
For applications where only one color is allowed use white and black, reversing the text and background colors.




The Numotion Icon consists of the word “nu” typically white with a contrasting background. The colors can change as long as it stays within the Numotion color pallette and is legible.



What not to do




To help provide a consistent unified look in the Numotion logo, the Montserrat Alternates typeface should be used for the icon and the word “motion”. The tagline should be in the Montserrat typeface. The Montserrat Alternates typeface is slightly different enough from the tagline Montserrat typeface to differentiate the two.

The recommended weight of the Montserrat Alternates typeface is bold while the Montserrat typeface can be regular. To use the Montserrat Alternates and Montserrat fonts you can obtain a copy of the font for free from:

Montserrat Alternates bold:

nu motion

Montserrat regular:




Clear Space

For Maximum impact and instant recognition, the Numotion logo should not be crowded or bumping up against other elements. The logo doesn’t need to be the only thing on the page, but adequate clear space should be left around the logo so its prominence is not compromised. The clear space is based off the x- height. The logo will have a minimum of one x-height clear space around it. The illustration below is a guide to providing the necessary clear space.