Hometown Homers Infographic


Hometown Homers is an infographic meant to be a part of ESPN’s Home Town Homers shows the exact trajectory of the top five home run hitters for every ballpark in the MLB. Each player in the top five will reveal information on him or noteworthy statistics, the distance the ball went measured in feet, and the route the ball took.


UX, Visual Design


Fit the many statistics provided by onto one easy to use, fun and interactive infographic.

Information needed for every stadium in both the National League and American League:
• How many home runs were hit in that stadium for the year
• Of those home runs, the athletes with the top 5 farthest
• Trajectory of each of the top 5 farthest home runs, shown on a custom map for each stadium
• A bar graph visually showing the difference in distance from the 5 top athletes
• Short bio on the chosen player with a fun profile image
• Other custom information on the active stadium

Interactive Prototype

** Only the AL West Division is mocked up**


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